Moving House With A Removal Company

When moving house, one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks is packing up your belongings.  You may be thinking that with a few cardboard boxes and some old newspapers you have the task in hand; however this is not the case.

Professional packing makes a huge difference to how smoothly the entire move goes, and is often the difference between your belongings reaching their new home in one piece, or in several!

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Packing your belongings safely

Removal companies appreciate how time consuming and stressful moving house can be.  Many companies now offer a packing service.  This can range from packing your entire house for you, or simply handling the more fragile, or awkward items.

The right materials

With expertise in safe transportation of your belongings, the removal company will be able to source the right materials for the job.  From protective packing for breakables and antiques to suitable coverings for pictures and clothes, the removal company will have the knowledge to ensure all items arrive at their destination in the same condition that they left.

The level of service

Removal companies will differ in the level of packing services that they offer, but the most common are:

Complete packing service – The removal company will pack up everything in your home, with minimal input from the homeowner required.  Many removal companies will also offer an unpacking service as part of this; so that once you reach your new home they will take care of everything for you.

Fragile only – If you are happy to pack up the easier items, but are wary of packing more fragile items, the removal company can take care of these for you.  They will source the necessary packing materials, from bubble wrap, sturdy containers, cloth packing to purpose build crates or special paper for glassware and china.

Homeowner packing – Removal companies are also happy to source the packing materials for you to do the packing.  This will include an inventory being drawn up, so the removal team know exactly the type of materials that you will require.  This is often an easier option then trying to locate boxes and newspapers leading up to the big move!

Packing up your possessions is not as straightforward as it may sound.  When a professional packing service is provided, the staff will consider the following;

Non fragile items – Such as books, CD’s and DVD’s will be packed to ensure that cases aren’t susceptible to cracks and chips during the move, and books don’t end up with damaged pages or spines.

Fragile items – These will be packed with the correct material to ensure there are no breakages.  In addition, they will also ensure that the materials used for packing do not cause any reaction to the items within.

Furniture – This will be packed accordingly, with extra special care taken with antique furniture.  Corners or areas of furniture at most risk of incurring damage will be packed using protective materials to offer maximum protection.

So, if you are moving house, ask your chosen removal company if they offer a packing service.  It will not only save you time, but also offers the peace of mind that your belongings are travelling safely and in style!

How a professional removal company ensures your move goes smoothly

Moving house doesn’t need to be a stressful task if the necessary planning and preparation is carried out in advance.

By enlisting the assistance of a professional moving company they will be able to offer you advice on all aspects of moving house, from packing up your belongings to the safe transportation and arrival in your new home.

What to expect

A removal company will firstly need to know where you are moving to and from.  They may want to visit your property to ensure that suitable access is available.  They’ll also want to plan the best route from your home to your new destination.  If your move will impact on neighbours due to narrow or restricted access, shared driveways etc they will advise that you speak to your neighbours first, giving them plenty of notice to reduce disruption to others on moving day.  One of the biggest advantages of a professional removals company is that they are able to complete the move in the shortest amount of time, with minimal disruption to those concerned.

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Whether you are taking advantage of a packing service or not, ensure you have all the necessary boxes, packing materials in advance.  The removal company will be able to help you source these if necessary.  They will advise that you clearly label boxes, so that you and the removal team are aware of contents, as this will be taken into account when loading removal vehicles.  This advice will be invaluable, and will guarantee protection of your possessions.  The removal team will keep account of your belongings at every stage of the move, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Safety when moving is often neglected, as homeowners don’t always have the time or the expertise to accurately judge if what or how they are moving belongings (such as furniture) is correct.

A removal company will provide you with a qualified team, who will be trained in lifting heavy objects, which may even require specialist lifting equipment.  Your belongings will be secured safely in the removal vehicles, reducing the possibility of damage.

The main advantages

If you are moving house, but can’t decide if you want to go it alone or make use of a removal company, here are a few pointers to consider:

You will be provided with staff trained in lifting, packing, and the transportation of your belongings.

Your chosen removal company will have the necessary vehicles to transport your possessions.  This may include vans with lifting equipment, loading ramps etc.

You will have the option of taking out insurance with the removal company in the event of damage or lost possessions.

Once the details of your move have been agreed, the removal company will issue you with a written quotation so you’ll know exactly what you will be expected to pay – no hidden costs, or last minute unavoidable out goings!

Professional packing services on offer, with advice on hand should you be concerned about the transportation of any particular items.

Packing materials sourced for you, which will be far more suitable than the cardboard boxes and newspapers you may have been saving in advance.

With this in mind, using a professional removals company will ensure that you move is stress free and goes smoothly, from start to finish.